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Mrs. Egan

My name is Linda Egan.  I have been teaching at St. Peter’s Nursery School since January 2001.  My initial contact with the school began in 1994 as a parent.   I truly enjoyed my experience and my children received an early childhood education that was filled with the love of learning.  My positive experiences as a parent led to an appointment as a Board of Trustee member for two years.  At the conclusion of this time, I found myself very tearful as I drove away from this wonderful school.  Sure enough, six months later my telephone rang and a teaching position was available at the school.  I have had the pleasure and experience of teaching all age categories at our school.  My greatest enjoyment from teaching young children is watching their excitement for learning.  My classroom environment is the only place where I have an audience that thinks my singing is worthy of a clap and a shout of “Bravo!”  I love it!

  • Teaching at St. Peter’s since 2001
Last Published: September 11, 2017 8:51 AM
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